Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My pride, joy and pain ~all bundled up into these cute little packages:
(well aside from Jay. He's not little anymore! He's only 14 but is already 5'10"- 165 lbs. and squats almost or over? 350 lbs!)
Jeshuah is 8; He's as easy going as can be and is as sweet as ever! (usually:-)He has his moments but is SO easy to have around. Jeshuah is very gifted in many ways, we just aren't sure of the details yet:-)~

Chloie is almost 6 and is very much a girly-girl but can also be very much a tomboy too! She loves riding bikes and roller blading and is always scraped up terribly! She is a little 'tuff girl' when she is sporting around, but get her inside playing dress up and she's as dainty as ever!
This is Malichai... Don't let the picture fool you! Hmmmmm............ Lets put it this way: He's either really, really defiant, or he's really, really cuddly and loving. He is almost 4 and thinks he's 18. If you ask him how old he is, he usually says :
"I 18 and I bigger than Jay!" and then storms off with a bad attitude#$%^&

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Traveling Jug Band "The Last Days"

We had a Traveling Jug Band over for breakfast on Saturday morning...
Michael works in Phoenix a lot of the time and comes home on the weekends. Saturday morning he was on his way home and stopped to get snacks in Casa Grande. He saw a couple on the side of the road hitch hiking so he asked where there were going. They said they needed a ride to Tucson and that they could just ride in the back of his truck. He told them that he thought it was illegal and they assured him it was not. As Michael agreed to give them a ride, they waved over the rest of their clan and they all hopped in! Michael called me to tell me that he had a truck full of kids who were in a traveling jug band and that he was taking them to down town Tucson. I told him to offer them a shower and a hot meal and bring them home with him. They were thrilled and a bit shocked but also very grateful as they strolled into our home, instruments in hand. Immediately the brunette girl got in the shower and I finished breakfast. Molly (The blond) sat down and colored with Chloie while the bass player gave Michael lessons on his (aluminum tub, wooden pole with a cotton rope) bass. They waited patiently as the house filled with every kind of breakfast smell you could imagine.
Michael and I were asking them questions about their lives, where they live, and where they are from. They informed us that they slept in a ditch the night before in phoenix but said it was worth it to be able to see the band that they got to see. They normally are in Bisbee sleeping in the desert with no heat, water or bathrooms. I guess you would call it "Camping".
They weren't complaining just sharing their stories with us.
They were headed to Tucson to play at the Gem and Mineral show to try to earn a little money when they were gently 'placed' into our lives.
After breakfast they got out their instruments and played several songs for us. Our doors and windows were open and I wondered what the neighbors would say about the noise... Once they started, I realized that the neighbors would probably think it was just the stereo turned up over at that "house with a bunch of kids". They were REALLY good! Very crisp clear sounds and they all had unique but great voices! The kids were thrilled to have this crazy band in their house and were kind of awe struck at the sounds that were coming out of these instruments.
My kids were quiet but SO excited that they could hardly contain themselves! I brought out our basket of the kids instruments and Malichai played right along with them. At one point, the band got down and played with the kids instruments too. The kids were amazed that real songs could come out of their instruments!
What a way to spend a Saturday morning! We took lots of pictures and made them a CD to take with them. We gave them some clothes, our mailing address, phone numbers and e-mail address and we told them we wanted to book a gig for our April birthday parties. They laughed but we were serious! We'll see if anything comes of it. For now, we will just cherrish that memory and hope that we were able to make their day a little brighter:-)

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

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Our Weekend Fun!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A few funny comments from Jeshuah:


(Jeshuah age 3) "Mommy... I know the story of Noah and that Ark."

(Teisha) "You do? That's great, tell me about it."

(Jeshuah) "Well, God told Noah that he needed 2 of every animal."

(Teisha) "and.....????"

(Jeshuah) "God said he had to get one male and one e-mail."

Wishing I could control the amount of video game input Jeshuah gets while he is away.
(Jeshuah) "Mom, lets play a game... You sit here and I will start.
Ready..., Set..., GO! ------------------PAUSE!!! PAUSE MOM!
When I say Pause, you can't move!"
(Mom) "Shouldn't that be "Time out" or something like that??? "
(Jeshuah) "No, there's not a button for that."
My litteral child:
(Teisha) "Jeshuah, I don't want to see you jumping on that couch again!"
(Jeshuah age 2) Innocently- "Mommy, then don't watch."